Top 8 Stunning Spring Destinations


Spring is the ideal time of year to travel for those in search of affordable prices, fewer tourists, and pleasant weather. Many destinations are at their peak during the spring, when temperatures are warm but not excessively so, seasonal festivals are in full swing, and parks and gardens are ablaze with blooming flowers. Each of our seven most breathtaking spring destinations is a wonderful place to visit throughout the year but is especially breathtaking and unforgettable in the spring.

8. Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Japan

Fuji-Hakone-Izu is unsurprisingly Japan’s most visited national park. Mount Fuji, as well as waterfalls, hot springs, volcanic islands, and deep lakes, can be found there. Japan’s springtime is cherry blossom season, making it an ideal time to visit the park. Late in March, cherry blossom and plum trees begin to bloom across the country, and travelers can view Mount Fuji through pale lavender and rose-colored branches in the park.

7. Portland, Oregon

When you visit Portland in the spring, you will understand why the city is known as the “City of Roses.” The climate in Portland is ideal for growing roses, which bloom from April to June. Portland’s popular International Rose Test Garden is one of the city’s dozens of unique parks and gardens, where you can see and smell literally thousands of roses.

6. Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

The peak season for tourism in Costa Rica is from December to April, while the country’s rainy “green” season is from May to November. Spring travel offers the best of both worlds: you’ll avoid the peak of the rainy season and the dry season’s crowds, and you may pay green-season rates at many hotels and resorts. Manuel Antonio National Park contains some of the most spectacular beaches in the country.

5. Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. bursts with color in the spring, when hundreds of cherry trees in and around the city blossom. The best time to view the flowers at their peak is between late March and early April, which coincides with the city’s annual National Cherry Blossom Festival. Local businesses offer a variety of cherry blossom tours, from guided bike rides to moonlit river cruises, to help tourists maximize their blossom viewing.

4. Paris, France

There are many reasons why the old song praises Paris in the spring, but one of them is that the city’s famous gardens and parks are absolutely breathtaking during this season. You will fall in love with springtime in the City of Lights after a few days of strolling past 17th-century fountains, banana trees, roses, and majestic sculptures nestled in the leafy, hidden corners of Parisian gardens.

3. Yosemite National Park

During the months of April, May, and June, visitors to Yosemite National Park can see fields of blooming flowers, fish for rainbow trout, and spot herds of bighorn sheep while enjoying warm days and cool evenings. In addition, spring is the ideal time to visit Yosemite if you enjoy waterfalls. As soon as spring’s warm weather melts the winter snow, the park’s creeks and rivers begin to gush with water.

2. The Netherlands

The Keukenhof Gardens, which are open from March to May, are one of the best places to view seven million tulips in their full, vibrant beauty. Biking along the 19-mile Flower Bulb Route in North Holland is an additional fantastic way to see Holland’s flower fields. April is the best month to visit the Netherlands to see daffodils in bloom, while May offers the best views of tulip fields at their peak.

1. Santorini, Greece

Those who plan a trip to the ever-popular Greek Islands in the spring can avoid the summertime crush of tourists while still enjoying pleasant weather. Santorini, renowned for its clifftop views and whitewashed buildings, is particularly beautiful during the spring months.


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