Top 7 Airports You Wish You’d Get Delayed In


There are a lot of things that can go wrong on a trip. It’s possible that your flight has been delayed. In an airport, there is nothing to do and that must be extremely frustrating. As long as you’re stuck in one of the world’s most renowned air travel hubs.

These are the seven airports you’d most like to be stuck in while flying!

7. Seoul Incheon International Airport

This airport is South Korea’s busiest and ranks as the world’s 23rd busiest. It has been designated as a hub by more than 90 airlines. At Incheon International Airport, you’ll find a variety of shopping, dining, and banking options, as well as a spa and children’s play areas. You’ll also find an ice skating rink, a movie theatre, free Wi-Fi, a medical center, and pharmacies.

6. Hong Kong International Airport

the main airport in Hong Kong and is located on the island of Chek Lap Kok. The world’s busiest cargo airport and one of the world’s busiest passenger airports are both located in Hong Kong. Because of its central location, it serves as a vital link between the rest of Asia and the rest of the world. Over 80 restaurants and fast-food outlets can be found in HKIA’s nearly 300 shops. There’s an IMAX theatre right here if you want to see a movie.

5. Wellington International Airport

Welcoming you to the beautiful country of New Zealand! This isn’t a Peter Jackson promotional campaign. In light of the fact that New Zealand is widely regarded as the Middle Earth of Tolkien’s works, this enormous Gollum and his priceless Ring serve to encourage visitors to wear their hobbit costumes. You’ll find even more movie-style decor inside if you explore the facility.

4. Changi Airport

The airport is shaped like a giant doughnut, which is the first thing you’ll notice upon arrival. When you see this doughnut, the second thing that will come to mind is that it’s in a high-end mall rather than an airport. You’ll have access to 280 shops, an IMAX theatre, a full-size supermarket, and a place to sleep. The Rain Vortex, a 130-foot-tall indoor waterfall, is at the heart of this structure.

3. Munich Airport

For Lufthansa, Munich serves as a second hub and is the only 5-star airport in Europe. Each of the airport’s two terminals has its own unique shopping, dining, and entertainment options located in the excellent Airport Centre. The airport is the best place to fly into and out of, as well as to transfer between flights.

2. Kuala Lumpur International Airport

For more than two decades, Kuala Lumpur’s international airport has housed a jungle in a glass enclosure that is open to the public for visitors to walk around. amidst the bustle of international travel and the modernity of the airport, the lush greenery and soothing sound of water create an oasis of tranquility

1. Qatar’s Hamad International Airport

Doha’s Hamad International Airport has been named the world’s best airport by Skytrax in their annual World Airport Awards. An enormous bronze bear statue brought from New York by one of the Qatari royals is the first thing you’ll see when you arrive in Doha. Everything here is of the highest quality, from the water closets to the restaurants that cater to royalty and celebrities.


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