The Safest Travel Destinations For 2022


Are you planning a solo or family vacation abroad and searching for the safest destinations in the world? Well, it’s not surprising that you’re looking for safer destinations, as the world is gradually becoming a dangerous place with an increasing number of crimes. Travel is a combination of discovery and education, but if your surroundings are unsafe, you will not be able to make the most of your destination.

On the map of world crime and criminals, the following locations are still designated as safe.

10. The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, which ranks tenth on the Peace Index, is characterized by its castles, museums, and medieval cathedrals. Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, which is often referred to as the “city of a thousand spires,” is adorned with Gothic architecture and cobblestone streets that reflect the city’s rustic charm. If you wish to explore the historical side of things, the castles are where you should go.

9. Japan

Japan is the only place where you can truly learn the meaning of “Guest is God.” Ask someone for assistance, and he or she will go out of his or her way to assist you with due regard. You are certain to enjoy every aspect of Japan, from the awe-inspiring Mt. Fuji to the state-of-the-art technology in its bathrooms and vending machines. The disciplined nation has a stunning nightlife that demands exploration.

8. Slovenia

Slovenia, a country in Central Europe, has a surprising variety of landscapes, from the Mediterranean coastline to the peaks of the Julian Alps to the rolling hills of the south. This little gem may be small in size, but it offers numerous attractions for tourists. In Slovenia, you must visit Ljubljana, the charming capital that won the 2016 European Green Capital Award.

7. Singapore

Singapore is among the cities with the lowest crime rates. Singapore is best described as a microcosm of modern Asia; it is a melting pot of culture, history, and culinary delights. It is beautiful, fast-paced, and quintessentially cosmopolitan. This “City in a Garden” is a synthesis of cultures, combining various concepts, attractions, and new architectures with a gleaming hint of the old school.

6. Canada

Some of the most refreshing and generous cities can be found in Canada. It is ethnically diverse, so one can experience various cultures throughout the nation. Canada is a living example of the magic that can be created by combining diverse ethnic groups. It is an ideal country for fishing, rock climbing, canoeing, and kayaking, in addition to its abundance of natural attractions.

5. Denmark

Let’s simply refer to Denmark as the Scandinavian jewel. Denmark is truly a safe city with a plethora of exciting adventures awaiting you, giving you yet another reason to visit the country. The country welcomes everyone, inviting and attracting tourists with its awe-inspiring fairy tales, football games, and the bronze mermaid statue perched on a rock overlooking the city.

4. Austria

After experiencing the dreaded ruthlessness of the world, Austria has become a friendly and welcoming destination. Therefore, it is ranked fourth on the peace index. It has more to offer than scenic beauty alone. It is a place to discover neoclassical architecture and popular cafes, as well as to experience the thrill of life through activities such as skiing. After eons of struggle, Austria is a place to relax, savor, and appreciate the beauty.

3. Portugal

Portugal is a country with a lot to brag about, as it holds third place! With its rich culture, eccentric cities, and exquisite countryside, it is one of Europe’s most affordable travel destinations. While traversing this breathtaking location, one can observe a variety of landscapes, ranging from green mountains and waterfalls to a desert-like terrain.

2. New Zealand

It is not surprising that New Zealand never disappoints its visitors. The humble and hospitable residents of this country are undoubtedly responsible for its second-place ranking on the list of the safest nations. New Zealand promises stunning landscapes and even more stunning coastlines, along which you can drive while listening to the sound of the surf.

1. Iceland

Iceland, which topped the Global Peace Index in 2019 and has maintained its position for the past five years, is a beautiful, safe, and adventurous destination. It offers its visitors some of the finest attractions and rare occurrences, such as the Aurora Borealis, and the Northern Lights emitting a green glow in the night sky.


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