Best Places To Travel In 2022

New York City

You might be planning a post-COVID trip and researching a destination that you can travel to without any worries. We’ve compiled a list of bustling spots and quiet nature escapes right here. Take your pick and get ready to go.

10. The Rocky Mountains

What’s better than a scenic train ride through the mountains? When we think about the perfect way to escape from our hectic lives, nature often comes into mind. We all need a break from time to time, and the Rocky Mountains are perfect for that. The best place for that is Colorado with its Rocky Mountains which can be explored through Utah or Canada.

09. Napa & Sonoma California

Wine country is a magical place that feels like an escape from reality. The lush green landscapes, hot sun, and cool hospitality are all waiting for you in Napa Valley or Sonoma Coast, it’s time to indulge. Recent developments in Napa and Sonoma have opened up new opportunities to enjoy this landscape while enjoying luxury accommodations. A trip here can help you relax with some wine-tasting adventures along the route and take your mind off any worries by getting lost among rolling hills.

08. Botswana

Botswana is a heaven for those who want to escape the hustle and bustles of city life. From its endless palm-covered islands in the Okavango Delta, across moonscape saltpans near the Makgadikgadi region, this country has something perfect just waiting at every turn. However, Botswana is one country on this vast African continent that has been able to successfully navigate through its problems and emerge withstanding a strong economy both domestically and internationally.

07. Hawaii

What’s not to love about the beautiful State of Hawaii? Occupying massive volcanic mountain tops jutting out from beneath a sea that’s itself filled with exotic flowers and lush green forests, this state has it all. It has a  mild climate in comparison to other parts of the earth and breathtaking views are awaiting you around every corner.

06. New Mexico

When it comes to a state rich with hot springs, desert vegetation, and Native American artwork, New Mexico is one-of-a-kind. From adventure junkies looking for canyons and caves, snow bunnies who enjoy hitting the slopes, or those interested in foodie adventures among other things, this place has something everyone wants. With an interior landscape as diverse in its culture as its rugged terrain, New Mexico will enchant any traveler who ventures into this wonderful world.

05. Santorini, Greece

The stunning views, romantic sunsets, and sandy beaches of Santorini should be on your bucket list if you love nature. The breathtaking views of Santorini are something that every traveler should experience at least once in their life. Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway with your loved ones or an adventure abroad, this small island has it all.

04. New York City

New York has a variety of entertainment options available to keep any visitor entertained all day long. New York is the most famous city in America, but it’s also one of those rare places that have an unmatched combination between size and verticality. Sure there are other larger cities with more people living in them every day, until you’ve been to New York then nothing else will ever feel like your real home again. 

03. Alberta, Canada

Alberta is a land of stunning scenery and spectacular peaks, where the prairies meet majestic mountains. What is there not to love about Alberta? From the stunning mountains and snow-capped peaks, all the way down through lush rainforests with their turquoise lakes, this province has everything.

02. Italy

In Italy, ancient history and culture are everywhere. Historic cities such as Rome show you gigantic traces of a mighty empire that once ruled this land, Papal Kingdom cast its influence across renaissance noble families while smaller townships have leftover middle age imprints like those found in Viterbo or Perugia. In Sardinia, there is evidence left behind by stone age people who built towers called Nuraghes which can be seen today around Cagliari.

01. Bermuda

When people think of a perfect getaway, most would put Bermuda at the top. This British territory is located in the middle Atlantic ocean and has stunning caves with gorgeous pink sand beaches to explore. It also has quaint towns and historical museums that are dedicated to its history which makes it a very interesting place.