5 In-Flight Foods That Airlines Serve & You Should Avoid


In-flight meals are typically prepared around 12 hours before they are to be consumed. It’s then frozen and warmed before serving. It’s usually a good idea to stay away from these 5 in-flight snacks that could make you sick.

5. Coffee or tea

Do not drink tea, coffee, or water when flying. The water used for tea and coffee on planes comes from infrequently treated water tanks. Worse, the portable water tanks are just beside the restrooms. Instead, the next time you fly, request bottled water or canned soft beverages.

4. Eggs

Eggs served on planes should be avoided. It’s advised to avoid eggs in any form, including omelets, scrambled eggs, and poached eggs. The egg selections aren’t all made with real eggs. However, they are laced with “other substitutes.” Passengers became ill as a result of improper cooking.

3. Fruits and vegetables that are raw

Bacteria are commonly killed when food is heated. As a result, when fruits and vegetables are served raw and consumed without further heating, contamination might occur. If melons and green leafy vegetables are stored and transported at incorrect temperatures, bacteria can multiply. Bananas and oranges, for example, have outer coverings that you can consume.

2. Seafood

Aircraft food safety experts advise against eating shellfish when dining above the clouds. All seafood is harmful, but shrimp and oysters are particularly dangerous. Salmonella, Vibrio vulnificus, listeria, and E. coli bacteria were found in 60% of frozen shrimp. As a result, avoid any seafood, particularly shrimp and oysters.

1. Dairy Products

Avoid dairy goods like cottage cheese, yogurt, and ice creams the next time you fly. These dairy products can spoil if they are not kept cool or at the proper temperature. When these dairy products spoil, there are no obvious indicators. Bacteria such as listeria frequently contaminate dairy in undetectable ways.

Here’s what you can eat or drink instead now that we’ve given you a comprehensive list of airline foods and beverages to avoid. Choose bottled water, soda, or juice from cans or bottles. Choose hot and served dishes such as stew, curries, or soups.


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