10 Beautiful Small Towns to Visit in Europe


Europe has some of the world’s most breathtaking sights. It’s easy to see why the country is a popular tourist destination with so many distinct countries, traditions, and civilizations to pick from. Here are some little villages in Europe you should visit.

10. Zell am See, Austria

Zell am See is one of Europe’s most beautiful little villages. Located between the majestic Schmittenhöhe mountain and the blue Lake Zell. Zell am See, a gorgeous lakeside village, has about 80 kilometers of local slopes, with beginner, intermediate, and advanced runs well represented. A total of 125 miles of cross-country routes provide stunning panoramic vistas.

9. Gangi, Sicily

Gangi is a comune of the Metropolitan City of Palermo, located about 80 kilometers southeast of Palermo in the Italian region Sicily.With a hilltop castle, medieval and baroque churches, and golden-brown-from-the-sun dwellings, Gangi is Sicilian small-town enchantment. Massive Mount Etna looms large over it all.

8. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a historic German town in northern Bavaria. The cobblestone streets of the old town are lined with half-timbered buildings. Many gatehouses and towers have been retained, as well as a covered promenade on top of the town walls. With castles, stone archways, clock towers, pubs, and timber-framed houses, it pulls out all the beautiful Bavarian stops.

7. Cadaqués, Spain

The coast around tranquil Cadaques is lined with tiny, hidden bays, forming a series of secluded beaches near the French border. An afternoon of swimming and sunbathing without crowds is as simple as hiring a skiff and sailing the rocky shoreline, thanks to their boat-only entrance.

6. Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a Basque fishing village located at the mouth of the Nivelle River in southwest France. With half-timbered buildings in the charming old quarter, boats bobbing in the sheltered port, and quaint architecture and golden sand framing the scenic beach walk, Saint-Jean-de-Luz retains its Basque Country fishing-village feel.

5. Otepää, Estonia

Otepää, a small village set in the southern Estonian hills and valleys, is a popular winter holiday destination for snow lovers. This relaxing winter resort with magnificent spa hotels and restaurants offers skiing, skating, and snowboarding in all forms.In the summer, Otepää has long been a popular location for hikers, swimmers, and campers.

4. Otranto, Italy

Otranto is best known for its closeness to the Otranto Strait, a body of water that joins the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and separates Italy and Albania. The sun-drenched outer heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia, features kilometers of magnificent beaches with sparkling, shallow water going far out.

3. Óbidos, Portugal

Obidos was a wedding present from King Denis of Portugal to his queen in 1282; she had previously shown her affection for it. The ancient walled city’s lovely backdrop is enhanced by cobblestone lanes, whitewashed homes with brilliantly painted trim, and a spectacular medieval castle.

2. Ambleside, England

Ambleside, a little town in the Lake District, has grown into a significant tourist destination, complete with shops, restaurants, a cinema, and a wide range of accommodations. It is one of the greatest locations for visiting the Lake District and is particularly popular with walkers and climbers.

1. Pyrgi, Greece

Pyrgi was an ancient Etruscan harbor located north of Caere in Latium, central Italy. The borough of Santa Severa now occupies its former position. The magnificent system — black-and-white geometric motifs — that covers Pyrgi’s buildings, arches, balconies, and bell towers is its claim to fame. Its defensive walls are preserved in polygonal stones of limestone and sandstone that are well joined. The sea has most likely demolished the southwest extremity.


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