Absolute Don’ts When You Have A Crush On Someone


Having a crush is a strange experience; it gives you butterflies and is both thrilling and terrifying. Unknowingly, many of us act unreasonably or irresponsibly when we have a crush. Some of these factors may damage the relationship’s outcome. When you develop a crush on someone, you should avoid doing the following.

8. Criticise his girlfriends and ex-girlfriends

It is never acceptable to disparage another woman, regardless of whether they are his present or former girlfriend. Even if he harbors anger towards her, it reflects poorly on your character and integrity. If he’s in a relationship, don’t blame her! It is not her fault; she simply has similar tastes in men.

7. Stalk him

There is a distinction between stalking on his Instagram or Facebook and actually following him around in person. In addition to being immoral, stalking a person gives off clinging and needy signals, which you should avoid doing.

6.  Try to make him jealous

This is only one example of playing games, and we strongly advise against doing so with possible love partners. It is manipulative and immature. To make him jealous, avoid discussing other men in his presence and attempting to flirt or hook up with other men at gatherings. Instead, pursue one guy at a time in a responsible manner.

5.  Don’t over-text and be awkward in person

When you’re hiding behind a screen, it’s much simpler to speak your thoughts and be fearless with the man you have a crush on. But avoiding him in face-to-face situations, even if you’re anxious or nervous, could send the incorrect message. He may even believe you are ashamed to be seen with him. Try to maintain your composure and simply smile or utilize another sort of body language to express interest.

4. Pretend to be someone else

Being yourself is the most significant factor in attracting the attention of a crush. In the end, you want people to like you for who you truly are, not who you are trying to be or what you believe he wants you to be. If he genuinely likes you, it will happen! In addition, being yourself and owning who you are is highly attractive to men.

3. Being too persistent after rejection

Accept his rejection politely and move on to the next person that values you for who you are. If you repeatedly ask him out, it is not just impolite, but also forceful and sometimes even weird. Instead of harassing a man who has already expressed his feelings, find someone else! There are numerous fish in the ocean.

2.  Base your whole life around him

In a relationship, independence and individual interests are crucial. Though you act as if the world revolves around your crush, everything could fall apart the moment something goes wrong. Regardless of how fantastic the man is, he is not worth your time. Studying, playing your preferred sport, and pursuing your own interests are more vital, and they will also make you more appealing to possible suitors.

1. Believe that he’s too good for you

Low self-esteem is terrible, yet it affects everyone. Instead of blaming yourself, remind yourself of your many positive qualities. When it comes to appealing to males or ladies, confidence is a crucial factor. If he rejected you, don’t write a list of all the reasons he could not like you; instead, make a list of all the reasons he’s stupid for rejecting a beauty like you.


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