7 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You


Respect is frequently listed as one of the top “keys to a happy relationship” in Google search results. Respect in a relationship is of the utmost importance. Listed below are the indicators of disrespect in a relationship.

7. They exalt themselves while diminishing you

Do you ever feel that you are inadequate? If your partner ever makes you feel like a bad person, you may be in an abusive relationship, as no one should experience an attack on their self-esteem from someone they love.

6. They disregard your limits

Many individuals have not learned how to respect the boundaries of others. If your partner cannot accept ‘no’ for an answer, they do not respect you, and these violations of your boundaries will be remembered for a long time, often necessitating later self-forgiveness.

5. They disregard your feelings

If you are in a relationship with someone who does not respect you, you may feel guilty for having emotions. Because your emotions will feel like an inconvenience or a threat to them, they will attempt to manage their own difficult emotions by controlling your behavior.

4. They give others romantic attention

At the beginning of a relationship, you may be idealized; however, as your perfectly imperfect self becomes apparent, someone who does not respect you will continue to focus on your areas for growth as if they were flaws, and they will continue to look for someone else to compare you to and project their ideas onto.

3. You are given the silent treatment

While “we’ve probably all been guilty of giving the silent treatment on occasion,” it can also be an indication that your partner lacks respect for you. However, your partner may default to this pattern of avoidance, resulting in the issue remaining unaddressed and you being unable to address it.

2. They intentionally harmed your feelings

While most people in a relationship will have disagreements and even criticize each other’s behavior at times, one of the most damaging patterns in a relationship is contempt or disdain, or when someone tries to make another feel small on purpose. It indicates that someone is attempting to make you feel unworthy, which points to a person who may equate power with ‘power over.’

1. They try to fool you

If your partner lies to you or tells you half-truths, this is a clear indication that therapy is required. You must determine if you are dealing with a problem that can be resolved by working on the communication pattern, or if this behavior is indicative of a personality disorder or a lack of empathy.


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