5 Often-Ignored Relationship Red Flags That Predict Breakup

A breakdown in communication.
It’s difficult to recognize when a relationship isn’t working, especially when you desperately want it to. Too often, couples devolve into lopsided partnerships, with one person putting significantly more effort than the other.
This is why it’s crucial to be able to spot and understand relationship red flags. Who has time or energy to squander weeks, months, or years of their lives on someone who won’t be there for them?
These are the five symptoms that women overlook far too often and that can indicate a troubled relationship.

5. Excessive control or jealousy.

Jealousy can be harmless in small doses, and it is rather prevalent in relationships! However, if your partner becomes possessive or controlling of your plans, what you wear, who you hang out with, or isolates you from your friends and family, this could be an indication of emotional abuse.

4. A breakdown in communication.

We all know how essential communication is in any relationship. If your spouse seems disconnected or preoccupied, or if they don’t respond to your texts or messages while you’re talking, it’s a clue that they’re detached or distracted.

3. They frequently bring up their ex.

It is beneficial to discuss previous relationships with new partners to some extent so that you may both comprehend what the other has gone through. However, if your new partner regularly brings up their former, this can become alarming. It could be an indication that they are still in love with them.

2. You must always contact him by phone or text first.

It’s easy to overlook this, but it’s critical. Are you the one who always calls him first? Does he only contact you once you establish contact with him? It may appear small, but “who calls who” is important. If your partner is continually responding to you rather than actively seeking your company, your relationship is out of balance.

1. You have a feeling something is awry.

This is one of the most natural ways to detect a red flag in a relationship, but it’s also one of the most difficult to recognize. If you’re nervous or anxious about your relationship, there’s usually something wrong that you’re not aware of. Something is wrong, and your body, instincts, and inner voice are all attempting to alert you. And you should pay attention to that.


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