Top 10 Actors Who Got Seriously Injured On Set


Making a film takes a lot of effort, sweat, and dedication. Even though it may appear that actors are the only ones working because they are always on screen, there are dozens of others working behind the scenes. Something can go wrong at any time in large movie production: loose lights crashing, sound cutting out, and, of course, a stunt could end up in an ambulance.

Many performers are hurt on set, and some even die, raising the question of whether the cost of entertainment is worth the danger.

10. Jeremy Renner – Tag

Renner shattered both arms three days into the filming. He needed to go to the hospital, where he was fitted with casts. Regardless, the actor would continue filming. Before shooting a scene, he would simply remove the casts.

9. Tom Cruise – Mission: Impossible Fallout

Tom Cruise is known for pushing himself to the limit to perform his own stunts, which explains his long list of injuries. During the filming of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, he shattered his ankle while jumping from building to building, which was one of his worst injuries. On camera, Cruise is seen getting off the ledge after breaking his ankle and continuing the scene.

8. Jackie Chan – Police Story

Jackie Chan does not typically experience fear, but it was justified this time. Hundreds of lightbulbs exploded when the actor leaped onto a metal post and started sliding down. The action resulted in severe burns, but the day was far from done. Instead of the normal “stunt” glass, the cast chose “sugar glass,” which turned out to be much thicker than intended. Jackie Chan shattered his seventh and eighth vertebrae and dislocated his pelvis when he flew through the glass.

7. Halle Berry – The Call

Berry seemed to have put her foot in the wrong place and hit her head on the concrete floor during filming one of the shots. She was sent to the nearest hospital right away because the blow was so severe.

6. Chevy Chase – Modern Problems

Chase came close to death while filming Modern Problems. The landing lights he was wearing at the time short-circuited, zapping the actor with a powerful electric shock and knocking him out. Chevy Chase, thankfully, did not sustain any permanent injuries.

5. Jason Statham – The Expendables III

The worst thing that might have happened at the moment is when Statham drives a three-ton truck at full speed. Statham had to leap out of the car before it collapsed into the sea from an 18-meter drop. Fortunately, the truck’s door had been removed for filming, and the actor was able to escape in time.

4. Sylvester Stallone – Rocky 4

The wallops and haymakers in the Rocky movies were fantastic, thanks to the actors pounding each other in the movies. Stallone asked Dolph to do it for real, and during that last battle, Lundgren’s strike was so powerful that Stallone had to be taken to the hospital with a heart muscle injury. The filming schedule was put back by eight days while everyone awaited Sly’s release from the ICU.

3. Michael J. Fox – Back To The Future III

Michael chose to make one of the sequences in Back to the Future 3 more realistic while filming it. The scenario in question is when his character is on the verge of being hanged. The actor chose to kick the box out from under his feet and hang himself for around 30 seconds. Before Robert Zemeckis recognized what was going on, he was on the verge of suffocating.

2. Jaimie Alexander – Thor: The Dark World

Jaimie had no idea that simply going around the set may cause her injury. She arrived on set expecting to perform a simple sequence with no risky stunts or intricate motions, but the scenario quickly shifted. It was a chilly, rainy evening. The actress slipped while climbing a metal stairway. She dislocated a disc and shattered the 11th vertebra in the fall, which was truly bone-shattering.

1. Isla Fisher – Now You See Me

Isla Fisher came close to passing out while filming a stunt. Something went horribly wrong when she entered the water-filled tank. The actress was unable to free herself! She began to fear and scream, but the water drowned out everything. Isla was virtually locked underwater for five minutes after one of the links seized on her bathing suit, and the crew realized she required assistance.


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