Top 7 Most Terrifying Scientific Discoveries


What is the scariest and strangest thing you can think of? Maybe some dreadful monster? Innocent people being slaughtered in senseless wars? All of this pales in comparison to scientific breakthroughs. Here is a list of the most terrifying scientific discoveries to date.

7. What Is the Size of the Universe?

The short answer is “unfathomably vast; most likely infinite and ever-expanding.” The Earth is massive in our opinion, the sun is 333,000 times larger than our planet, and the solar system spans billions of miles. So that’s just one solar system in a galaxy with over 100 billion other stars. And billions of galaxies are hurtling through the fabric of the universe at breakneck speeds. Here’s an interesting number for you: 93 billion light-years away. That is the estimated size of our visible universe.

6. Global Warming

The Earth’s atmosphere allows solar energy to enter but keeps carbon dioxide and methane out. As a result, the Earth becomes as hot as a greenhouse. Drought, floods, and salinization will be exacerbated by global warming, resulting in a food crisis and the extinction of some products. Our only hope is to eliminate all fossil fuels and halt deforestation.

5. Radioactive Materials

Radiation is often referred to as the “unseen killer” because you can’t tell if you’re being bombarded by billions of radioactive particles at any given time without the proper technology. It has been discovered that x-rays and long-term exposure to radioactive materials are harmful to your health.

4. Extinctions in Massive Quantities

Around 250 million years ago, the largest mass extinction in Earth’s history wiped out over 90 percent of all species. These events have contradictory causes, but they are frequently extraterrestrial or caused by massive volcanic eruptions. According to some scientists, the Earth is currently attempting to avert yet another extinction, with over one million species on the verge of extinction.

3.  Black Holes Suck

Scientists can at least make an attempt to understand black holes. In fact, Einstein’s theory of relativity predicted these monstrosities long before anyone saw them. Black holes are formed when stars explode into supernovas and implode on themselves, becoming so massive that even light is sucked into them. Our sun, too, will one day become an all-consuming hole, but there is still time before that.

2. Yellowstone Supervolcano

You might think Yellowstone National Park is a fantastic place to visit. On the surface, you’d be correct, but dig a little deeper and you’ll be terrified! This entire region is built on an ancient supervolcano. To put things into perspective, if this thing erupts, as scientists believe it will, the entire world will be destroyed or thrown back into the dark ages.

1. Microbes are gaining on us

Antibiotics and vaccines have saved millions of lives; without these modern medical marvels, many of us would have died as children from polio, mumps, or smallpox. However, some microbes evolve faster than we can find ways to combat them. Because the influenza virus mutates so quickly, last year’s vaccine is usually ineffective against this year’s bug. And new diseases continue to spread from animals to humans.


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