Guy Travels the World Taking Cute Selfies With Animals


Taking selfies while traveling isn’t anything new or novel. Everyone wants to save snippets of memories on their phones or in the cloud so they can relive them later. We can show our friends and relatives all the coolest spots, picturesque places, and occasionally an adorable interaction with the local fauna so that maybe the next time they know where to go during their journey.

Nobody does it better than Allan Dixon, a 29-year-old Australian Gold Coaster known as the animal whisperer when it comes to taking selfies with adorable animals. Allan claims that all it takes to take such lovely photographs is a love of animals and some patience.

Usually, he approaches the animal and talks to it about the weather and cryptocurrency prices, maybe a little about the latest memes, just to relax it a little. Animals are less likely to bite you if they know you’re a nerd, right? Then, if the animal doesn’t seem to mind, he begins petting and feeding them before finally taking that one-of-a-kind selfie with them. Dixon’s collection currently includes dozens, if not hundreds, of adorable photos of quokkas, koalas, llamas, kangaroos, and other adorable animals. Here are a few of our favorites!

Twinning with alpaca

Ducking and diving. This girl instructs him on swimming.

3..2..1.. Smile! There’s always somebody that pulls a funny face.

It’s elephant selfie time! 

you haven’t showered in a while. Proboscis Monkey’s goal in life is to grow a big nose.

Got punched in the face by a kangaroo. 

The Smiles all round

Turtles are even lining up to take a selfie with Allan.

Such a fun time hanging out with the Canadian moose. 

He actually found Nemo, guys!


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