5 Things Successful People Do Every Sunday


Successful people understand that the week begins when their alarm goes off on Monday, and they’re eager to get to work. It’s easy to see how exceptional performers and people who live full lives make the most of all the many moments that make up a week. The best time to set intentions is over the weekend. Here’s a look at five easy, yet powerful, habits you can maintain on Sundays that will help you have a great week.

 5. Take inventory of your life

Too many of us are consumed by our work. We are approaching epidemic levels of workplace stress and fixation with society’s standards of success. Check-in on how your life is going to avoid falling into that trap. Work is not the same as life. Use every Sunday to remind yourself of this.

4. Write out your goals for the week

It’s difficult to win the week if you don’t know what you want to create or accomplish when you get up Monday. Consider your short and mid-term goals, as well as your weekly targets, on Sunday night.

3. Turn your phone into black and white mode

During the week, try to limit the visual input that fatigues your brain and activates your nervous system by setting your phone to black and white, and spending less time on social media. It serves as a reminder that your phone is merely a tool, not your life.

2. Disconnect the tech

Give your body, mind, and soul a rest by taking a break from social media and putting the devices aside. Feel what it’s like to experience life through your eyes and senses, and spend time connecting to real-life human beings

1. Prioritize yourself

During the week, you probably put in a lot of time and effort for your company or others. Sunday is the ideal day to savor the special experiences in your life. It doesn’t matter if you spend this time playing with your children, going to yoga, reading a book, or simply sitting in silence.


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