10 Most Mysterious Places in the World


There will always be so much more that scientists don’t know, no matter how much they know. Our planet is a never-ending puzzle. Every time we finish one puzzle, a new one appears. These are intriguing locations that scientists have yet to explain!

10. Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier in Australia may feature the most distinctive and beautiful waters in the world, with its bubblegum-pink waters. It is located directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, which helps its natural color stand out.  The hue of Lake Hillier is unknown, however, it is most likely due to algae, bacteria, or chemical processes.

9. Geoglyphs

The Nazca Lines (Geoglyphs ) are among the most mysterious and awesome prehistoric relics in all of South America, scarring their way through the dry desert landscapes of southern Peru. Geoglyphs are handcrafted features found on the earth’s surface. These were created by removing or clearing sand or stones. This increases visibility by creating contrast between the figure and the ground.

8. Eternal Flame Falls

This strange natural phenomenon, Eternal Flame Falls, is a true mystery to witness. That’s because it manages to combine two of the earth’s most elemental energies in one single location. The stunning fall itself will first catch your eye, flowing down over layers of carved granite rock. The flame, which may be seen flickering behind cataracts, arrives next. It never goes out, and scientists believe the fire is caused by natural gas leaking from beneath the surface.

7. The Banff Springs Hotel

The Canadian Banff Springs Hotel is supposed to be the site of several ghost stories and weird occurrences. Locals claim that a whole family was slaughtered in cold blood. Others have mentioned reappearing doormen who then vanish. The magnificent hotel, which is surrounded by the fir-dressed peaks of the Canadian Rockies and offers access to the famous ski fields of Jasper and Banff, reflects Scottish Baronial characteristics.

6. Crooked Forest

For years, a small cluster of just over 400 pine trees in Szczecin, Poland’s extreme eastern haunch, has piqued the interest of travelers. The entire forest looks to be twisted nearly 90 degrees at the trunk before straightening out and climbing upwards into the Slavic sky. Theories abound as to what caused the odd wood to take on its current appearance, including heavy snowstorms and lumberjack growing techniques.

 5. Gates of Hell

The Darvaza Crater, popularly known as the Door to Hell, continues to burn and its glow can be seen from miles away at night. The “Gates of Hell” is about 260 kilometers north of Turkmenistan’s capital, Ashgabat. The property is 60 meters long and 20 meters wide. Although the exact cause of the crater’s development is unknown.

4. Moeraki Boulders

The existence of perfectly spherical rocks on Koekohe Beach, on New Zealand’s South Island, was explained as eel baskets washed up from a large, sunken canoe. The science behind the weird rocks is far stranger.

3. Boiling River

The Shanay-Timpishka, commonly known as La Bomba, is an Amazon River tributary described as the “world’s only boiling river.” It’s 6.4 kilometers long. It is notable for its extremely hot waters.

2. Mystery Spot

George Prather opened the Mystery Spot, a tourist attraction near Santa Cruz, California, in 1939. On the short but steep uphill trek and inside a wooden building on the site, visitors see demonstrations that appear to defy gravity. The Mystery Spot is a prominent tourist attraction known as a “gravity box” or “tilted house”. Whatever the cause, it is still unknown.

1. The Bermuda Triangle

For years, tales of missing sailors and ships crashed planes, and even missing people have emerged from the Bermuda Triangle’s waters. The Devil’s Triangle covers more than half a million square miles, and theories abound as to why so many tourists fall victim to its grips. Some believe magnetic anomalies are to blame, while others believe tropical cyclones are to blame, and still others believe there is no mystery at all.


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