US Woman Wins Rs 75 Crore After Accidentally Pushing Wrong Button on Lottery Machine


A minor incident resulted in a woman winning a shocking $10 million, or approximately Rs 75 crore. Here is the story of LaQuedra Edwards, the newly-minted millionaire. Edwards purchased a lottery ticket at a grocery store in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, in an attempt to test her luck. Consequently, she took down $40 from her pockets and deposited it into the Lottery Scratchers vending machine. A person accidentally bumped into her as she was about to select her desired game, causing Edward to press the wrong button.

Typically, Edward favored purchasing inexpensive tickets. However, due to the bump, she unintentionally pressed a number on the machine, and as a result, the machine-generated a $30 200X Scratchers ticket. Initially, she was annoyed by the person who had accidentally bumped her and the fact that she had spent almost all of her money on a lottery ticket.

She took the ticket, accepted her good fortune, and walked to her car. As she entered her vehicle and began to scratch the $30 lottery ticket, she could hardly believe her eyes, as the ticket had just made her the owner of $10 million. “Initially, I did not really believe it. Edward stated in a press release, “I almost crashed my car because I kept looking down at the ticket while driving on the 405 freeway.” Edward pulled over, scanned her ticket, and confirmed her discovery at that time.

“I am still in shock. Once I discovered how much I had won, the only thing I can recall saying was, “I am rich!” Evidently, fortune was in the air that day, as not only Edward benefited greatly from this fortunate accident. The Vons store received $50,000, or approximately Rs 38 lakh, for selling the winning lottery ticket.


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