8 Weirdest Jobs In The World


Are you bored with your current job and want a change? Why not try your hand at one of these jobs? They probably won’t appeal to everyone, but believe it or not, these are real jobs done by real individuals. Here are the top ten strangest jobs on the planet.

8. Drying Paint Watcher

Companies actually engage individuals to carefully study the shifting paint and particles of paint as it dries — both on walls and under a microscope. It ensures that the paints are long-lasting and do not flake off when touched.

7. Professional sleeper

Sleeping in school all those years has prepared you for this job: professional sleeper. Your job entails nothing more than sleeping in and giving feedback. A hotel in Finland employed a “professional sleeper” to evaluate the comfort of their beds. Each night, the individual sleeps in a different hotel bed and writes a review about her experience with each one.

6. Dog Food Tester

Pet Food Testers examine the nutritional worth of pet food and, yes, taste it, because they don’t want their pets to suffer from unhealthy, tasteless food. They spend much of their days preparing reports and brainstorming innovative ways to incorporate nutrition into a new product line. Taste is vital, but nutrition is the most crucial factor in keeping pets healthy.

5. Professional Cuddler

A professional cuddler is just someone who cuddles with people for a living. Clients pay for a certain length of time, but keep in mind that all you do is cuddle, hug, and spoon. With so many various places to work, the fees might range from $40 to $80 per hour.

4. Snake Milker

A snake milker is a zoologist who can extract venom from snakes and other dangerous reptiles in order to create anti-venom or conduct medical research.

3. Subway Crammer

Tokyo is one of the world’s most populous cities, with a metropolitan population of more than 37 million people. Most people take public transportation, so you can imagine how busy subway platforms may get. During rush hour, a pusher is a worker who pushes people onto a congested mass transportation vehicle.

2. Worm Collector

They emerge at night, wearing miners’ caps, spotlights, and cans slung about their ankles. They look for moist locations where a lot of worms are rising up to the surface and collect the slimy little animals to put in the cans. A can of high-quality worms can cost up to $18.

1. Professional Mourner

In some Southeast Asian traditions, a funeral attended by a large number of loud, crying people is said to facilitate the deceased’s transition into the afterlife. The most efficient method to accomplish this is to hire individuals to go to funerals and cry. It appears that it makes little difference whether the grief is genuine. All they have to do is be convincing actors.


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