8 Reasons to Switch Coffee for Matcha


Coffee is a need for many of us in the morning. We drink it for warming on a cold day, to wake up in the morning, to stave off the midday slump, to provide an extra energy boost in the afternoon, etc. However, despite all of its benefits, coffee has a few negatives. On the other hand, matcha appears to have a similar impact to coffee without the negative side effects. And despite the fact that the flavor takes some getting accustomed to, matcha appears to be a game-changer for individuals who wish to avoid the unpleasant side effects of coffee. Here are a few reasons to switch from coffee to matcha.

8. Matcha can provide sun protection.

We are all aware of the dangers of the sun, UV radiation, etc. Why else would we apply sunscreen every time we step outside? Studies indicate that green tea can prevent skin cancer and provide sun protection. Green tea consumption not only helps prevent skin cancer but also offers some protection against UV rays.

7. Matcha promotes oral health

In contrast to coffee, which can discolor your teeth and give you awful coffee breath, matcha can improve oral health. It has cleaning effects and can protect against gum disease and enhance gum health.

6. Matcha helps minimize acne and general outbreaks.

Studies indicate that matcha and green tea can aid acne and breakout sufferers. There is a reason why numerous skincare products contain green tea or matcha. Green tea’s anti-inflammatory effects are the key, as inflammation is the root of all our health problems. So, if you want clear skin, try incorporating matcha into your regular routine and see the results.

5. Matcha can boost your metabolism and help with weight loss

Studies have demonstrated that matcha can reduce fat buildup and possesses powerful metabolism-boosting characteristics. Now you know that those who claim that drinking tea will keep them fit and trim may be onto something.

4. Matcha can reduce stress and anxiety

Matcha is rich in amino acids that can raise your body’s happy hormones and help you feel peaceful and relaxed, as opposed to coffee, which can sometimes make you feel agitated. Therefore, if you’re generally worried, you should probably skip the coffee and go on the matcha train.

3. Matcha will energize you.

Matcha can also deliver a caffeine-based energy boost; it contains caffeine, after all. However, the caffeine in matcha is of the slow-release variety, which means that its effects will last longer and you won’t experience the drowsiness associated with coffee withdrawal. In addition, as discussed previously, the calming amino acids in matcha counteract the energizing effects of the caffeine, so you feel invigorated but not agitated.

2. Matcha has anti-aging properties

Green tea is frequently lauded for its anti-aging effects, but matcha has even more of these anti-aging antioxidants because it is produced from the whole, powdered leaves of green tea, thereby retaining more of the good stuff that will keep you looking young and healthy.

1. Matcha is trendy right now

We’re confident that the aforementioned health benefits are enough to convince you to give matcha a try, but here’s one more: it’s more convenient than ever. Since matcha is currently popular (it’s even one of the trendy drinks on TikTok), it’s readily available in numerous cafés, supermarkets, online retailers, and coffee shops, making it quite simple to give it a try. You can purchase gourmet coffee or sample sachets. It is the perfect time to enter the world of matcha.


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