Top 5 Female Bitcoin Investors


One could be forgiven for thinking that the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are dominated by men. Asian and Caucasian guys have always seemed to have an obvious dominance of the technological space in general. Women are rarely given a chance to speak. A handful of well-known women are actively participating in leading projects that are reshaping the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. These ladies aren’t just limited to a single sub-niche of the sector; they’re found in a variety of functional areas.

Women have launched some of the most well-known initial coin offerings (ICOs), digital currency payment platforms, and even blockchain technology development companies. Here’s a look at some of the industry’s significant female figures in blockchain and crypto.

5. Meltem Demirors

Meltem Demirors earned her bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Economics from William Marsh Rice University. Meltem Demirors is currently a Director of the Digital Currency Group (DCG). The firm focuses on developing and deploying blockchain technology protocols. Portfolios of bitcoin investments are also managed by the firm. She uses her position at DCG to design investing ideas that assist distribute the riches of the crypto business since she believes in an equitable distribution of wealth within the crypto space.

4. Rhian Lewis

In Economics, she received Second Class Honors (Upper Division). She’s worked for companies such as DigitasLBi, AKQA, and Beamly. Rhian has worked hard to increase the number of women interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With the help of a group of friends, she founded the Women in Bitcoin London branch. The group now has 100 members, many of whom are CEOs and COOs of technology businesses. Rhian continues to campaign for women’s participation in the Blockchain arena, presenting at conferences, meetings, workshops, and seminars on a regular basis.

3. Elizabeth McCauley

Elizabeth Ploshay McCauley earned her bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College in 2011. She has a political science degree. She had a role in the acceptance of Bitcoin in the United States. She became known as the “Bitcoin Evangelist” as a result of her passion. She used her extensive experience in grassroots advocacy to help Bitcoin gain traction in the United States. She is now a member of the Bitcoin Foundation’s Board of Directors.

2. Galia Benartzi

She got significantly involved in software start-ups such as Mytopia, Founders Fund, and Particle Code Inc. after college. She was the CEO and co-founder of Particle Code. She is the co-founder of Bancor and also serves as the company’s Head of Business Development. The Bancor Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is one of the most successful ICOs ever. Bancor is focused on the cryptocurrency exchange sector and is developing a platform that makes cryptocurrency trading much easier.

1. Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark attended Harvard Law School and graduated with honors. She is also the creator of the Harvard Free Culture Group and a Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society affiliate member. Elizabeth is a co-founder of Lightning, a start-up that is developing protocols to greatly boost the speed of crypto transactions, alongside Olaoluwa Osuntokun. Although the company’s primary focus is on the Bitcoin network, participants are welcome to work on protocol layers for other blockchains.


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