How to Make Your Hair Grow Thicker


If you have recently observed hair loss or thinning, you are not alone. Over fifty percent of women have hair loss at some point in their life, and 22 percent of women with COVID report experiencing hair loss. It is to assume that everyone desires healthier, thicker, and stronger hair.

There is no definitive solution to the topic of how to grow hair, so most beauty gurus are likely sick of hearing it. Here, celebrity hairstylists and a trichologist discuss everything you need to know about growing thicker and longer hair in the proper manner.

7. Eat Smarter

We have excellent hair news for avocado enthusiasts. A diet rich in healthy fats is necessary for thick, healthy hair. While genetics control hair structure and curl, diet affects gene expression. Be sure to consume ample amounts of high-quality protein and healthy fats, such as olive oil and omega-3s.

6. Use Appropriate Shampoo and Conditioner

Different hair types require products tailored according to their needs. Those with fine hair should opt for shampoos and conditioners that add volume. For people with coarse hair, products that reduce frizz and hydrate, followed by a nourishing cream, are ideal. A good rule of thumb is to choose a shampoo that gently cleanses the scalp and a conditioner that enhances the moisturizing properties of the hair.

5. Do Not Over-Wash

A good thing in excess can ruin your hair. “There is nothing better than natural hair oils for shine,” Regularly brushing your hair will assist in the distribution of natural oils. Just avoid going more than a few days without shampooing.

4. Abandon All Heated Tools

We recognize that it can be difficult to part ways with your hair dryer or flat iron. But if you actually desire stronger hair, you should begin composing that breakup letter.

3. Beginning With Your Scalp

The microbiome of bacteria and fungi on the scalp is essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair. Inadequate shampooing or the use of abrasive cleansers leads to skin problems that inhibit hair development. Massaging your scalp to stimulate blood flow and avoiding washing your hair more than three times a week will help you maintain healthy hair.

2. Check The Ingredient List

Experts recommend avoiding items containing silicones, artificial colors, and smell if you have a sensitivity. These compounds can cause scalp difficulties, which can lead to dermatitis, folliculitis (infection of the hair follicle), and irreversible hair loss in infected hair follicles if left untreated.

1. Consider Using A Hair-Growth Supplement

The combination of a multivitamin and a hair supplement can make a significant effect. In addition, specific vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are required for optimal hair follicle function and growth. It can take three to six months for tablets to work, and you’ll need to continue taking them to maintain your new hair growth.


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