7 Painfully Uncomfortable Fashion Accessories 


We’ve all put our bodies through hell for the sake of fashion and conformity. We have compromised feeling good for looking beautiful, whether it is through uncomfortable Fashion Accessories or clothing that does not allow us to breathe. Here are seven of those dreadful fashion pieces.

7. Glue-on nails

The latest vogue in long talons with elaborate nail art entails putting false nails onto your real ones, which is extremely uncomfortable. Because these nails are glued to your natural nails with extremely powerful glue, they hurt like they’re being torn out.

6. Chokers

These highly fashionable accessories are also quite well named because they cause choking. They may appear to be attractive, but they restrict blood flow and dig into the throat like gorgeous, ornate nooses around the neck.

5. Bodysuits

Onesies are basically bodysuits. Someone felt that making peeing impossible when you really need to go was a fun concept, so it’s like a one-piece swimsuit made of regular, elastic fabric. Bodysuits have only one benefit: they are skin-tight.

4. Heels

Heels give us the pleasure of seeming well-dressed and more formal. They alter your stance and position your bones in ways they weren’t designed to be. The obvious consequences are pain and fractures.

3. Sequins

Sequins are similar to poison ivy, but they’re synthetic, sparkly, and bright. You’ll want to scratch your body till it peels off due to the sensation on your skin.

2. Skinny jeans

Trying skinny jeans for the first time is like putting your lower body to death. They cling to your body and suffocate it like a hungry anaconda on the hunt.

1. Strappy tie-up sandals

Everyone worries about high heels, but there isn’t much information available concerning the dangers of strappy flat sandals that you tie around your legs. These laces scrape into your skin, cutting off blood flow and producing ugly red bruises.


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