Reasons To Worry About Meghan And Harry’s Marriage


Some may believe Meghan Markle and Harry Windsor’s marriage is the stuff of fairytales. They have a wonderful home in California, have landed a slew of media deals this year, and are expecting their second child, a baby girl. While most people see these two as madly in love, there are a few issues that could occur in the future due to a snag in their happiness.

 6. Meghan Has Problematic Family Members

The royal family has its own set of issues, but Meg comes from a less than ideal home. While her mother has always been supportive of Markle, her father, Thomas Markle, caused a stir before her wedding by criticizing the royal family and leaking many secrets to the press. Samantha, her sister, is also working on a gossipy tell-all book. From all sides, this puts a lot of pressure on the happy couple.

 5. Prince Philip Warned Harry Against The Marriage

Meghan Markle has been chastised by members of the royal family because she is an American actress marrying British royalty. “One steps out with actresses, one does not marry them,” Harry’s grandpa, Prince Philip, allegedly warned him, according to a June 2019 piece in The Times. It wasn’t long ago that royal marrying commoners were frowned upon.

4. They Got Married Rather Fast

As insensitive as William’s remarks about their fast romance and engagement were, there was a grain of truth in them. After all, William and Kate had known each other for a decade before they married, whereas Harry had only known Meg for 16 months. Some claim, however, that you just know when you see your soulmate. There’s a rumor that there’s some exes overlap.

3. Harry Has Been Fighting With William

Two brothers fighting is never a good thing, especially when one of their wives is involved. Harry can act as if Meghan is his top priority at all times, but he’s been feuding with his elder brother since the pair became engaged in 2017. Harry was concerned that William wasn’t doing enough to welcome his new wife into Buckingham Palace, and he questioned the hasty nature of their relationship.

2. The Couple Skipped Christmas With The Royal Family

Christmas is a long-standing tradition among members of the royal family, but the pair will be missing the celebrations in Sandringham this year for obvious reasons. Instead, they will spend it with Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland. Harry has only missed one Christmas in his life, in 2012, while he was serving in the military in Afghanistan.

1. The Royal Couple Sued The Media

Lawsuits are difficult for anyone, let alone a married couple who is already under pressure from several sources after leaving the royal family. Meghan and Harry’s relationship has always been tense because of the media, and they already sued a tabloid magazine in 2019 for releasing a private letter from Meghan to her father.


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