9 Male Celebrity Beauty Brands You Need To Know


While there are many female celebrities, who have turned to entrepreneurship and launched their own beauty firms, men celebrity beauty brands have recently joined the fray. There are plenty of male stars who are venturing into the world of beauty, boosting male confidence in a new way, and we love it. From nail polishes to facial scrubs and products designed specifically for bald men and their scalp health.

Keep scrolling for a list of my current favorite celebrity beauty brands that are totally worth your hard-earned cash.

Male Celebrity Beauty Brands Worth The Hype

9. Pleasing by Harry Styles

The ever-androgynous and adorable Style just launched his company, Pleasing, as one of the few male celebs to enter the cosmetics sector in 2021. Styles offers lip, eye, and nail products, as well as a facial serum, in addition to makeup and skincare.

8. Humanrace by Pharrell Williams

This man has clearly discovered the fountain of youth, and we can’t wait for him to divulge all of his skincare secrets. Fortunately, he combined his skills with that of his long-time dermatologist to create sustainable skincare and body care brands with his sustainable Humanrace skincare line.

7. MANTL by Karamo Brown

MANTL, the men’s skincare line from “Queer Eye’s” favorite self-care expert, has launched. It’s designed to show balding or thin-haired men how to embrace their natural appearance with confidence. Brown himself suffers from hair loss. Bald guys will like this personal care brand’s scalp cleansers, no-shine sheets, and moisturizers.

6. Polished by Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has flawless skin, which is one of the reasons he co-founded the Polished skincare line with celebrity dermatologist Dr. Lancer. Their combined experience in restoring men’s young appearance. Everything from micro-scrubs to shaving creams is part of the brand, which focuses on washing and nurturing the skin.

5. UN/DN LAQR by Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox’s tattooed rapper bae, UN/DN LAQR, has lately launched a genderless nail polish line. Men have begun wearing nail paint as a means of self-expression in greater numbers than ever before. The MGK line, which was released recently, has ten hues in a variety of brights, pastels, and neutral tones.

4. Crete by Lil Yachty

We live in a time when rappers wear nail paint, and we’re not complaining. Lil’ Yachty, like MGK, jumped on the trend with Crete, a unique polish line that features a one-of-a-kind pen-like nail polish bottle with a retractable brush, making manicures and pedicures as simple as possible for both novices and pros.

3. Blur Stick by Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod has had a dramatic makeover since his separation from J.Lo. With more male celebrities speaking out about using cosmetics to level skin tone and mask dark circles, this former professional baseball player created The Blur Stick, a moisturizing concealer designed exclusively for guys. The former athlete is on hand for mainstream men’s cosmetics, which we applaud.

2. Blesswell by DJ Khaled

CBD, a popular health trend, has been added to these men’s grooming products. This anti-inflammatory wonder ingredient helps guys look their best, and the sleek package doesn’t hurt. The rapper created six spa-like skincare products for men in collaboration with Endexx Corporation, including a cleaning scrub, body wash, and chamomile-based moisturizer.

1. House 99 by David Beckham

House 99 is holistic grooming and skincare line supported by David Beckham. The collection is inspired by traditional British barbershop culture, as well as tattoo artistry and other facets of men’s personal care. There are lots to get excited about at House 99, from fashionable agents to nourish beards and make them less unruly to facial creams that fortify with quinoa and spirulina.


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