8 Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery


Many celebrities go to great lengths to keep their plastic surgery a secret. We all know, however, that youth is fleeting and that the vast majority of these celebrities have undergone some form of cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery to boost one’s self-esteem is not a sin, even if society’s unattainable beauty standards are. After all, for many of these celebrities, their income is directly tied to the public’s perception of their looks and physical appearance. The following are the most prominent celebrities who have admitted to having plastic surgery done on them.

8. Khloe Kardashian

Since she was a child, this Kardashian has been scrutinized for her appearances. It used to be because she was overweight. Today, it’s in honor of her evolving facial features and drastically altered appearance. Her face looks completely different today, even though she has admitted to using Botox or filler. Plastic surgeons speculate that she had a rhinoplasty or nose job, as well as fat removal from her face and filler injections.

7. Iggy Azalea

This rapper’s before and after photos show a marked difference, and there’s a good reason for it. Her admission that she’d had two cosmetic surgeries was surprising. After declaring plastic surgery is “lame” and calling it an “emotional journey,” Azalea said that there are other aspects of herself she dislikes but has come to accept overtime.

6. Jessica Simpson

In her forthcoming memoir, Open Book, Simpson reveals the truth about her plastic surgery history, despite the fact that she has lost weight naturally this time. As a result of her two pregnancies back-to-back, Jessica Simpson underwent two tummy tucks in 2015.

5. Kaley Cuoco

When it came to the work she’s done, the Big Bang Theory star was open and honest in an interview with Women’s Health. Breast augmentations, nose jobs, and fillers were all part of Cuoco’s makeover. Kaley explains her motivations for the changes she’s making: she wants to feel good about herself, but she also wants to look good. As she continued, she stressed the importance of having work done for yourself and not for “a man or anyone else”.

4. Chrissy Teigan

A Sports Illustrated swimsuit model at age 20, she got her breasts augmented. Now she’s a cookbook author and model. A “swimsuit thing,” she said, but she also admitted to having armpit fat removed and said she would consider liposuction again at some point in the future.

3. Cardi B

Even though Cardi’s body is stunning, she’s not trying to fool anyone by pretending it’s natural. She had illegal injections in her booty, as well as breast implants. And she’s been open about getting lipo after having her daughter Kulture.

2. Ariel Winter

It is possible that people have noticed that Ariel Winter’s appearance has changed. A breast reduction was done to alleviate her back pain. Online trolls had accused her of undergoing multiple surgeries, which she confirmed.

1. Cindy Crawford

It’s hard to tell by looking at Cindy Crawford, but she’s been open about her Botox treatment. Creams can help your skin’s texture as you age, but for better elasticity, “vitamin injections, botox, and collagen,” she said. Her cosmetic surgeon has done wonders for her skin’s appearance.


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