8 Actors Who Acted With Their Real Kids On Screen

Angelina Jolie

Some famous Hollywood actors’ kids appeared to have caught the acting bug. Some of Hollywood’s biggest names have been known to share screen time with their real-life kids. Here are eight actors who have appeared in films and on television with their children.

8. Angelina Jolie and Vivienne Jolie Pitt, Maleficent

When Jolie wore terrifying black horns and pale makeup to portray the Sleeping Beauty villain Maleficent. Finding a youngster who wouldn’t be too afraid of her costume to play the younger version of Princess Aurora is difficult, so she enlisted the help of her own child.  Vivienne, her youngest daughter, was eventually cast in the film.

7. Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow, Cruel Doubt

Danner’s son Jake is a director, and her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow is passionate about acting. Cruel Doubt, released in 1992, was their first debut film together. The second time was in the biographical drama Sylvia, in which Danner played her mother and Paltrow was the primary attraction.

6. Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri, The Banger Sisters

In 2002, the famous mother and her then-17-year-old daughter played a mother-daughter duo on screen for the movie The Banger Sisters. Amurri also appeared as a pupil in the school that Sarandon’s character’s daughter attends in the 1998 drama Stepmom.

5. Brendan Gleason and Domhnall,  Harry Potter films

There are two red-haired Gleesons in the renowned Harry Potter film saga. Brendan played Professor Moody, while Brendan’s son, Bill, played a member of the Weasley family.

4. Ben Stiller and Jerry Stiller, Zoolander

On the big screen, the Stillers have worked together several times. The father-son duo’s notable collaborations include the 1987 film Hot Pursuit, the 1995 comedy Heavyweights, and the 2007 film Heartbreak Kid. However, their partnership in the 2001 comedy Zoolander is possibly their most well-known.

3. Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie, Lookin’ to Get Out

Jolie made her film debut as a child in the 1982 gambling comedy Lookin’ to Get Out, with her father. Following Jolie’s rise to stardom, they worked together again in the 2001 action picture Tomb Raider. Jolie played an archaeologist in the film, which was based on the popular video game franchise, and Voight played her deceased father.

2. Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen, Anger Management

Starting with the 1987 film Wall Street, They followed that up with the 1990 film Cadence and the 1993 sequel Hot Shots! Part Deux. However, the actors most recently worked together on the new FX series Anger Management

1. Will Smith and Jaden Smith, Pursuit of Happyness

Smith and his real-life son Jaden Smith first worked together in the 2006 biographical drama Pursuit of Happyness. More recently, the father-son duo reunited for 2013’s sci-fi action-adventure film After Earth. In the 2007 film I Am Legend, Smith collaborated with his daughter Willow Smith.


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