The Russian artist applies cat faces to virtually everything!


Moscow-born Galina is a 30-year-old digital artist. During the day, Galina is a normal girl who enjoys traveling, reading, and watching movies. However, when night falls, she transforms into a creative demon fueled by her love of cats and everything random.

She is living proof of our undying affection for cats, not only because every picture she creates is a work of art, but also because her mutated cats were featured on a Japanese television channel, which says a great deal.

Galina has always enjoyed using Photoshop to create humorous images of her friends, but one time she recalled the adage that cats are one of the Internet’s pillars, so she decided to play with that notion. These abominations quickly went viral, and her account went from 600+ followers to tens of thousands in less than a year and is now at 148k.

According to Galina, she does it now more as a hobby in order to amuse Internet users and improve her craft. People frequently ask her to create mashups with their pets, so she would be foolish not to participate and miss out on this opportunity to earn extra money.

Let’s examine some of her most bizarre creations

  1. The cutest little koala ever

2. What if the fox had been a kitten?

3. Don’t say you can’t feel the warmth emanating from this image!

4. Rabbits with cat faces are much cuter

 5. Enjoy drinking catfee in the morning

6. Why is this catfish so humorous? Perhaps since it is a clownfish!

7. This hedgehog is illegally adorable. Definitely give it lots of hugs.

8. A squirrel is quite lovable on its own, but if you cross it with a cat, the resulting offspring will have an excess of chaotic energy.

9. Even if you dislike bumblebees, you need not worry about being stung by this bumble cat.

10. And finally, the best of them all: Icecream-Catto! I’m curious how it tastes.


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