Josh Sperling’s 3-Story “Daydream”


At Perrotin New York, the American artist and former studio assistant of Kaws ‘Josh Sperling’ are currently in the spotlight. Sperling’s new show, ‘Daydream,’ features new composite works, minimalist monochrome pieces, and large-scale squiggle installations that take up all three floors of the gallery’s Lower East Side spaces.

“That’s how artworks: you come up with a concept that challenges a preconceived notion, and if you succeed, it becomes intriguing.” Josh Sperling questions the idea of what is a painting and what is a sculpture throughout three stories of his twisting and puzzle-like canvas sculptural works. 

Each floor represents a different aspect of my work. The monochrome paintings on the first floor are more geometric and basic. The second story features a full squiggle installation area, as well as some new square works that are quite Josef Albers-esque, and the third-floor houses the composites, which are more collaged pieces. What makes Daydream at Perrotin so impressive is the breadth of his explorations, from minimalism to maximalist pieces, clusters to large spaces, installation, and site-specific work.

Sperling has much experience with the artist’s life. His grandpa was a sculptor with a New York City studio, and his father was an art teacher. Over the course of five years, he worked on carpentry, color mixing, and painting before moving on to design and other production elements. Sperling’s work spans a wide range of hues, tones, and shapes.


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